March 24, 2020

One year ago, Real Advisors set out to create and launch a program to help active real estate investors grow and scale their wholesaling businesses through REAL, proven actionable training that would yield REAL results.

Shortly after Real Advisors signed Raphael Vargas as our newest expert, and Real Empire was born. We launched the Real Empire brand in early 2019, which was a huge hit for our company and we changed a lot of lives through our collective efforts.

We are proud of what we have established, but even more so, we are grateful & appreciative for the community that supported us, made it grow and the results that our students achieved!

At Real Advisors, our #1 goal is to always help our clients reach their full potential in their business. We consider ourselves blessed to be able to partner up with so many talented, hard-working experts and brands to make that a reality.

However, we are announcing today that the Real Empire brand has determined it necessary to commence the process of winding down the brand and consolidate all business operations under its parent company and publisher, Real Advisors, who will continue to fulfill all previously purchased training events, products and services...

For those currently enrolled in our Real Advisors coaching program, we have made changes to improve the program, and those changes go into effect today, starting with the updated daily coaching schedule, taught by REAL active real estate investors/coaches…

MONDAY - 1pm-2pm EST - Acquisitions
TUESDAY - 1pm-2pm EST - Marketing
WEDNESDAY - 1pm-2pm EST - Deal Review
WEDNESDAY - 2pm-3pm EST - Q&A... Have Questions? We Have Answers!
THURSDAY - 1pm-2pm EST - Operations (Systems/Processes/KPIs)
FRIDAY - 1pm-2pm EST - Transactions/Dispositions

Effective immediately, Real Empire will not be accepting any new students. Existing products and services will no longer be available for purchase.

Starting March 25, 2020, the RealEmpire.com website will be redirected to RealAdvisors.com.

We want to thank everyone for their amazing support of Real Empire over the past year, and we thank everyone involved for their contributions.

Although this is the end of one chapter, the future of Real Advisors is brighter than ever! We are eager to put our hearts and minds into expanding our Real Advisors brand and exploring more ways to better serve you.

We couldn’t be happier with our roster of top-tier experts and coaches, covering nearly all aspects of real estate investing. The powerful combination of quality training, resources, and personal coaching is what sets us apart from any other program or ‘system’ out there.

Sharing our secrets, our strategies, and techniques isn’t just our job, it’s part of our DNA!

If you feel the same way we do, but you haven’t had the chance to learn from our team, we invite you to come along on our journey. We’re honored to share all our very best strategies with you.

Our education advantage is simple and you can break it down around four essential pillars.

1. The Instructors
It all starts there. Our philosophy is this: hire the best instructors in the world and you’ll get the best training courses and programs in the world. This means you get the absolute best training out there.

2. The Education
Clear, concise, and real-world. That’s what our courses and live training and events deliver. And once you’ve got the best experts in the world, that content comes naturally. We have instructors on board specifically to deliver PREMIUM courses, centered on how to apply THEIR particular expertise in YOUR business.

3. The Community
That’s you—you help make up our community. Discover a whole world of like-minded students—who share similar aspirations and hopes, join informal online discussions and chat about your experiences.

4. The Growth
We are constantly learning from our students and incorporating their ideas about what works—and what doesn’t. This means that our courses and programs are ever-changing and ever-improving.

Real Advisors hosts a wealth of comprehensive trainings in a wide variety of areas - with courses specifically geared to every skill level, from beginner, right up to the seasoned investor or entrepreneur.

We cannot wait to introduce you to the new experts, products and programs we will be launching soon to further support you. The rest of 2020 is poised to be a massive year for everyone involved with Real Advisors...

And we think you will be excited about some of the surprises we have in store as well.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please email: [email protected].

Again, thank you for your time and contributions to this community. We look forward to our continued relationship and stay committed to YOUR success.

Committed To Your Success,

The REAL Advisors Team